History of YCF


Yorkshire Cleaning Fabrics Limited,(YCF)  have been established in Halifax, West Yorkshire for over 35 years.  Started in 1972 by two brothers, who had spotted a gap in the market for knitting stockinette and dishcloths for industry, the motor trade and the many other stockinette users.

Stockinette, or mutton cloth as it is often called, has been good to YCF and remains one of the core products we manufacture today; it has also provided the springboard into a much wider range of janitorial textile and related products, either made here in the UK or imported from our trusted manufacturing partners.

YCF are proud to maintain a manufacturing base here where it all started in Halifax, West Yorkshire and look after customers throughout the UK and as far afield as Canada and The United Arab Emirates.  Supplying our now extended range of janitorial textile, mopping and industrial wiping products.